Bali Family Holiday Guide

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Your essential planning guide on travel to Bali with kids. Our book details all you need to know about planning your family trip to Bali. Includes a bonus workbook and packing guide to help plan your ultimate Bali family holiday. Book Updated Nov 2019

About Rolling Along With Kids

Rolling Along With Kids was founded in 2012 by Kate Comer and her Bali loving family. The blog loves inspiring families to travel to Bali.

What's Inside?

Our essential planning guide includes everything a family could want to plan their family holiday to Bali.

  • Where to stay
  • Booking flights
  • What to do with kids in Bali
  • Hiring Bali nannies
  • Navigating airports and planes with kids
  • What to pack or hire
  • Getting around Bali with kids
  • Where to eat
  • Shopping and supermarket info
  • Safety and medical info

Plus a workbook for you to plan your very own Bali family holiday as we all have different needs and wants. The Bali packing list in a spreadsheet format that you can customise for your family is also included and is a huge favourite with families.


EBOOK 100 pages

WORKBOOK 23 pages


PDF so you can print it out or save to your device. The workbook is optimised for printing and the main section is photo free.

  • Bali Family Holiday Book + bonuses including a workbook & packing list

  • $29AUD
  • Bali Family Holiday Book + bonuses including a workbook & packing list
  • $29AUD


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Bali Family Holiday Guide

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